About Fashion Revolution

the association

As Fashion Revolution Germany e.V. we are the association behind the global campaign “Fashion Revolution”. Launched in 2013 after the collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory, we are an international non-profit organization dedicated to a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. We promote education and enlightenment within the textile and fashion industry and thus contribute to positive change for working conditions in the producing countries. In doing so, we point out new perspectives for a careful use of resources, endeavoring to leave a green footprint in the world and demanding more transparency in the textile value chain.

Through the dissemination of sustainable solution concepts (ecofair fashion labels, innovative project ideas, alternative economic models), background information and expertise for companies and consumers alike, we will create a change in awareness that will encourage active action – because only through conscious consumption and action can improvements be brought about at all levels of the textile production chain.

The fashion industry holds great power to influence and contribute towards creating significant social and ecological improvements, through a sustainable course of action. 

who we are

We are designers, consultants and communication specialists from the fashion industry. We are united by the idea of passing on our knowledge about the grievances in the fashion industry by educating people about social and ecological aspects. We are convinced that only by imparting knowledge can the confidence of consumers be strengthened, their consumption behavior changed and thus the economy changed in the long term.

what we do

As Fashion Revolution Germany e.V., we promote education in textile and fashion production. We place special emphasis on sustainability, environment, social standards and social justice.

In our regular meetings we assemble expert knowledge and then take great care to put all information into consumer-friendly formats.

In addition, we organize public events to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge between experts and interested parties.

Our work is close to our heart! And indeed, only to the heart. As a non-profit association, all our members work voluntarily for the one goal: A fashion revolution that ensures that it is recognized by all participants in the value chain of the fashion and textile industry. Our payment is the thanks and smiles of those we have already helped. We finance ourselves exclusively through membership fees, donations and supporting members.

Anyone who wants to become a member can apply for active or passive membership. Passive members are supporting members and honorary members who are voted on and nominated by our board. Both entry and withdrawal from the association must be in writing.